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Free Advanced Installer License for MVPs and MCTs

Microsoft is removing the Windows E3 license pre-requirement from Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (MDATP). CSP partners will be able to purchase MDATP for all their supported client devices, regardless of their Windows E3 license ownership.

If you are an active Microsoft MVP or MCT, you can request for a free NFR (not-for-redistribution) Advanced Installer Architect license for your personal use.

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Free Advanced Installer License for bloggers

If you are a blogger or an Internet columnist you can also request an Architect license, if you write an article about us.

In order to be eligible for a free license, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Original content: The content of the article must be original and written as a review.
  • 500 words: The article should contain at least 500 words, with a link to and a screenshot.
  • Industry related blog: The website/blog needs to be industry related with Advanced Installer (software development) and have a reasonable number of visitors.
  • Share your article: Following the publication of the article you need to use at least one of the content sharing services, like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Reddit, to share your opinion about Advanced Installer.

Free Advanced Installer License for Open-Source

As users of open-source solutions we like to give back to our community. We hope that Advanced Installer can help speed up the development for your projects and thus allow you to concentrate on the solution itself, not spend time on packaging and delivering it to the end users.

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To request your license, please mail us with your name and a link to your blog post, MVP profile or a copy of your MCT transcript, or details about your open-source project. We will get back to you in 1-2 business days with a free license.

Email: support at advancedinstaller dot com

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APPLIES TO: Power BI service for business users Power BI service for designers & developers Power BI Desktop Requires Pro or Premium license

As a business user, you use the Power BI service to explore reports and dashboards in order to make business decisions. Those reports and dashboards are created by designers who have Power BI Pro or Premium Per User (PPU) licenses. Pro and PPU users have the ability to share content with their colleagues and to control what their colleagues can and can't do with that content. Sometimes, designers share content by sending you links, and sometimes the content automatically installs and appears in Power BI under Apps or Shared with me.

There are many different ways designers can share content. But this article is for Power BI business users, and therefore only describes how business users receive and interact with content. For more information on other ways to share content, see Ways to share your work in Power BI.


In the previous article, you learned that what you can do with dashboards, reports, and apps (content) in the Power BI service depends on three things: your licenses, your roles and permissions, and where content is stored.

This article lists which features in the Power BI service are available to business users like you. By definition, business users have a free license to work in the Power BI service (not Power BI Desktop) and are members of organizations that have content stored in Premium capacity.

Quick review of terminology

Let's review some Power BI concepts before we get to the list. This will be a quick review and if you need more details, visit Licenses for consumers or Power BI basic concepts.

Workspaces and roles

There are two types of workspaces: My workspace and app workspaces. Only you have access to your own My workspace. Collaborating and sharing requires the content designers, who have Pro or Premium Per User (PPU) licenses, to use an app workspace.

Within app workspaces, roles are assigned by the designers to manage who can do what in that workspace. Business users are often assigned the Viewer role.

Premium capacity

When an organization has a Premium capacity subscription, admins and Pro users can assign workspaces to a capacity. A workspace in a capacity is a space where Pro users can share and collaborate with free users -- without requiring the free users to have Pro or Premium Per User (PPU) licenses. Within those workspaces, free users have elevated permissions (see list, below).


Each Power BI service user has a free license, a Power BI Pro license, or a Premium Per user license. Business users in an organization are typically assigned free licenses. Anyone who signs up for the Power BI service as an individual and wants to try out the Power BI service in standalone mode will start with a free license. For free users, being a member of an organization that has Premium capacity is what gives you super powers. As long as your colleagues use Premium capacity workspaces to share content, free users can view and collaborate with that content. In this way, the free user gains the ability to consume content created by others.

To find out what type of license is assigned to your account, select your profile picture from the page header in Power BI service. If Pro account or Premium Per User account is displayed, you can share content with other users. When Free is shown, you can only create content in My Workspace and consume content that is shared to a Premium workspace. Select View account to see more details about your account.

Power BI feature list for business users and free users

The following chart identifies which tasks can be performed by a business user interacting with content in Premium capacity.

The first column represents a free user working with content in My workspace. This user cannot collaborate with colleagues in the Power BI service. Colleagues cannot directly share content with this user, and this user cannot share from My workspace.

The second column represents a business user. A business user:

  • has a free user license
  • is part of an organization that has a Premium capacity subscription
  • gets content (apps, dashboards, reports) from Pro users who share that content using app workspaces in Premium capacity.
  • is assigned the Viewer role to those app workspaces.


Advance Installer Free User License Online

feature is available in the current scenario
feature is not available in the current scenario
feature availability is limited to My workspace. Content in My workspace is for the owner's personal use and cannot be shared or viewed by anyone else in Power BI.
* access to this feature can be turned on or off by a Pro user or an admin.

Advance Installer Free User License Key

Feature list

Windows Advanced Installer

FeaturesScenario 1: Power BI free user who has no access to content hosted in a capacity.Scenario 2: Power BI free user with Viewer permissions to content stored in a capacity. This person is a Power BI business user.
Installs automatically*
Edit, update, reshare, republish
Create new app
AppSource: download and open
Organization store: download and open
App workspaces
Create, edit, or delete workspace or content
Add endorsements
Open and view
Read data stored in workspace dataflows
Receive, view, and interact with dashboards from colleagues
Add alerts to tiles
View and respond to comments from others: add your own comments*
Save a copy
Copy visual as an image?
Create, edit, update, delete
Export tile to Excel
Full screen and focus modes
Global search**
Insights on tiles*
Q&A: use on dashboard**
Q&A: add featured and saved questions
Q&A: review asked questions
Performance inspector
Pin tiles from Q&A or reports
Subscribe yourself**
Subscribe others
Add, delete, edit
Create a report in another workspace based on a dataset in this workspace
Insights on datasets
Schedule refresh
Receive reports from colleagues
Collaborate with colleagues on the same version of a report
Analyze report in Excel**
View bookmarks created by others, and add your own bookmarks
View and respond to comments from others: add new comments
Change display dimensions
Save a copy
Copy visual as an image*
Cross-highlight and cross-filter report visuals
Embed (publish to web, public)*
Export summarized data from report visuals*
Export underlying data from report visuals*
Favorite the report
Filters: change types**
Filters: interact
Filters: persistent**
Search on the filter pane**
Full screen and focus modes
Insights on reports1
Lineage view
PDF: create from report pages
Performance Inspector
PowerPoint: create from report pages*
Promote content to Home
Print report pages*
Interact with Q&A visual
QR Code
Share content with external users
Share: allow others to reshare items
Show as table (show data)
Slicers: add or delete
Interact with slicers
Sort report visuals
Subscribe yourself to reports*
Subscribe others to reports
View related
Visuals: change types in reports**
Change visual interactions
Visuals: add new
Visuals: add new fields
Visuals: change type
Visuals: hover to reveal details and tooltips

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