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Walmart’s Auto Center can do more than just sell you tires and automotive accessories — they can install the tires you bought, either inside the store, on Walmart.com or via a third party for an additional fee.

Walmart offers a large variety of tires of nearly every brand, and even if you cannot find your particular tire in store, they can offer free shipping to your home or to the store you want the tires installed at.


How much does Walmart charge to install tires?

The costs to have Walmart install tires will depend on the tire package you chose as the company does offering multiple packages at varying prices. As per their official price list, the prices, as of 2018, are noted in the table below:

Type of PackageDescriptionPrice (per tire)
BasicIncludes tire mounting, valve stems, balancing for life and a free tire rotation every 7,500 mile, plus a re-torque after the first 50 miles.$12 (add $10 if tire was not purchased at Walmart or Walmart.com)
ValueIncludes all of the inclusions in the Basic package, plus a road hazard lifetime warranty$22 (only applies to tires purchased at Walmart and Walmart.com only)

NOTE: These prices are accurate as of 2018 and may include a tire disposal fee as well, which is an additional $1.50 per tire, but this can vary on your local store policy.

In some cases, the store will offer “free installation” deals when you purchase specific tires as mentioned on the official website. These free installation packages will include the same inclusions as the basic package most of the time, but to confirm, talk with an auto specialist at the store for more information. To capitalize, we recommend looking for special tire deals as well to be combined with the free installation.

According to Cheapism’s best tire installation via popular chains, Walmart came in fourth, losing to BJ’s, Costco and its other brand, Sam’s Club due to the fact the warehouse chain offered a free TPMS reset and a 24/7 roadside tire-change service for three years after the purchase date.

This ChristianPost.com article broke down the costs of installing tires at Walmart and Costco. In the end, when the tires, mounting/balancing, tire disposal, valve stem, warranty and all miscellaneous fees were included, the final total, before tax was $541 at Costco and $642 at Walmart, making Costco the better choice for the same exact tire for the situation.

The extra costs to think about

Aside from the actual tire installation, do not forget to add in the price of the new tires and new rubber valve stems if needed (about $3 each).

B78 13st Trailer Tire Walmart

As mentioned above, a tire disposal fee of about $1.50 per tire applies at all locations, but in some cases, it could be higher or lower.

If the package does not include the warranty, a road hazard warranty can be added for $10 per tire. You can learn more about the optional road hazard warranty by viewing the official contract here.

If the tire pressure monitoring systems need to be reset, this can be another $5 per tire.

About the Walmart tire road hazard warranty

The optional Walmart tire road hazard warranty will cover the tires if they were to be found defective for the life of the tires, defined as the duration of the usable tread depth. The usable tread depth, as per the PDF, is defined as the tread down to the final 2/32nds of an inch, and the last 2/32nds will not be considered as the usable thread.

The optional warranty will offer additional coverage to the tires purchased and installed at Walmart and can cover damage to nails, metal stones, glass and almost anything is able to damage a tire. In the event the tire fails, the warranty will offer a free flat repair and a pro-rata installation if the technician cannot repair the tire. Even though the repair is “free,” you will still be responsible for the taxes and government-mandated charges.

To be eligible for a free replacement, you must have purchased the warranty, be the original owner of the vehicle, have the original record/invoice and the tire is being replaced by a condition that is covered by the warranty.

B78 13st Tires

The warranty will not cover damage due to improper repairs, abuse, racing, an accident, off-road usage, snow chains, rapid wear and/or worn mechanical components.

B78-13st Trailer Tire Walmart Free Installation Near Me

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