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How our Free Foxtel service Works: Free Pay TV - Austar, Foxtel installation is a legal exercise where we split off your existing Pay TV subscription and send the same channel Free foxtel to another location. It's pefectly safe, perfectly legal and perfectly free! (after installation).

FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd has provided the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission with a court enforceable undertaking following allegations that FOXTEL breached the Australian Consumer Law with a free television offer.

FOXTEL represented that customers who subscribed to a 12 month plan between 12 February 2012 and 5 April 2012 would receive a free 22 inch neoniQ television within ten days of installation of their FOXTEL service. The offer was advertised in a nationwide campaign, which included television advertisements and direct marketing.

Foxtel Free Installation Codes

A significant number of customers who signed up to the offer did not receive the televisions within ten days of installation and the ACCC believes that FOXTEL did not take sufficient steps to ensure that it could deliver on this promise. FOXTEL also advertised that the offer was limited to 1,500 free televisions but signed up nearly 8,400 subscribers to the promotion.

Foxtel free installation code generator

Foxtel Free Installation Code

“It is important for businesses to have a reasonable basis for any promises made to consumers otherwise they risk breaching the Australian Consumer Law,” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

“Businesses must review claims made in advertisements to ensure they remain accurate at all times.”

FOXTEL has undertaken to give a subscription credit, to current FOXTEL customers who:

  • subscribed to the free television offer between 12 February 2012 and 5 April 2012;
  • were not sent a free television within ten business days after installation; and
  • still had a FOXTEL subscription as at 1 May 2013.

FOXTEL will use its best endeavours to ensure that by 15 July 2013 these customers will receive one month's subscription credit, based on their subscription fee on 15 May 2013.

Foxtel Free Installation Code Generator

FOXTEL has also undertaken to refrain from engaging in similar conduct in the future and to appoint a qualified compliance professional to conduct a review of any areas of its business where there is a risk of breaching competition and consumer laws.

Avg free 2015 64 bit offline installer. The undertaking is available at

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'I just love how I can watch pay TV in my GYM now. I was never going to pay for another box, in fact I was thinking of getting rid of the Foxtel. But now I can watch it whilst working out Thanks to TV Magic I'm now using Foxtel more than ever before. I love the MTV channels. Thanks TV Magic.' - Robert. W

Free Foxtel is for anyone who has a paying Foxtel subscription See above how Robert was thinking of cancelling is Foxtel because he was not interested in sitting down and watching it. We visit hundreds of customers every month and we hear the same old story. Some shows are on too late when I'm in bed, The kids or the wife/husband hog the TV watching their sport/games/dvd/movies etc and I miss my Foxtel shows. Their are numberous reasons to take advantage of our Free Pay TV installation service. You get more of your money's worth from the subscription that you are paying good money for. Call us today for a free quote!

How our Free Foxtel service Works:

Foxtel Free Installation Code Free

Free Pay TV - Austar, Foxtel installation is a legal exercise where we split off your existing Pay TV subscription and send the same channel Free foxtel to another location. It's pefectly safe, perfectly legal and perfectly free! (after installation)

Get the most out of your pay TV viewing by giving yourself the flexibility to watch your Foxtel or Austar at more hours of the day or in various rooms of the house (where others may be able to benefit from it). Afterall, you pay good money for it and if you can use it to its full potential - the more value you get!

Watch Free foxtel/austar in another room

No matter whether you have Foxtel IQ, Austar, MyStar or normal Foxtel we can legally distribute it throughout your home/premises to multiple rooms for your viewing. We also can accommodate the ability to be able to change channel in that room. And we're not talking those unreliable - wireless av sender, receivers that pick up alot of interference. If you already pay good money for a subscription to Foxtel or Austar we can give you free foxtel in the same fashion as plugging a really long cord from the foxtel box to your bedroom/outdoor/the kid's bedroom's e.g television.

  • Free foxtel / Austar
  • Guaranteed Interference free
  • 1 room or multiple
  • Same channel as 'what's on the foxtel box'
  • Perfect for when you want to go to bed to watch TV.
  • Don't pay extra subscriptions for extra rooms
  • Record/Watch/Play all your foxtel recordings included.
  • Remote controllable features available.

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