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The CDSE Certificate in Risk Management ED151.CT. The CDSE Certificate in Security Leadership ED152.CT. The CDSE Certificate in Security Management ED153.CT. The CDSE Certificate in Security (Generalist) ED154.CT. The CDSE Certificate for Systems and Operations ED155.CT. ED504 Course Video. ED601 Course Video. Education Program PSA.

SANS instructors produce thousands of free content-rich resources for the information security community annually. These resources are aimed to provide the latest in research and technology available to help support awareness and growth across a wide range of IT and OT security considerations.

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  • Cyber Aces – SANS Cyber Aces Online is an online course that teaches the core concepts needed to assess, and protect information security systems.
  • Tech Tuesday Workshops - Hands-on virtual environments that give you the opportunity to dive into course material.
  • Purple Team Summit – May 24-25 – The Purple Team Summit will bring together leading security practitioners to explore practical uses of threat emulation tactics, detection capabilities, and security controls. Experts will draw upon their own experiences and share current purple team concepts that you can implement within your own security program
  • CloudSecNext Summit & Training 2021 – June 3-4 – CloudSecNext Summit & Training will bring together a unique combination of real-world user experiences and case studies, as well as practical, technical training focused on specific approaches and skills for building and maintaining a secure cloud infrastructure. As a virtual attendee, you’ll explore current approaches, tools, and techniques with fellow practitioners facing similar cloud-related security challenges.
  • SOAR Solutions Forum – June 18 – Led by Chris Crowley, this free virtual solutions forum will dive into all things SOAR related. Attendees will walk away with actionable takeaways and knowledge behind running and effective SOAR platform. Join leading experts and like minded individuals for this insightful half day event!
  • DFIR Summit & Training 2021 – July 22-23 – The annual SANS Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) Summit is the most comprehensive DFIR event of the year, bringing together a passionate and influential group of experts, cutting edge research and tools, immersive training, and industry networking opportunities.
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Security Awareness Planning Kit

The Security Awareness Planning Kit is made up of the top resources, templates, and checklists from the SANS two-day MGT433 course. The Planning Kit enables you to quickly build and/or improve your security awareness program using resources developed and proven by the SANS Security Awareness Community. Get Planning Kit.

Tips for Secure Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become a key part of staying connected while working at home. However, this technology is new for many and often changing. Here are key tips on how to use video conferencing software securely for both individuals hosting a conference and those attending. Download the Tip Sheet. Installation vent free gas fireplace.

Global Community Capture-the-Flag Challenges


Participate in a free, global capture-the-flag event run by our NetWars and R&D teams. Rotating challenges keep your learning fresh, regardless of your experience level or specialty.

Upcoming Events:
Global Community CTF: Mini Bootup Jun. 10-11
Cyber42: Vulnerability Management Jun. 22
Cyber42: CISO For A Day Jul. 27

  • SIFT® - A digital forensics and incident response-based Linux distribution bundling most open-source DFIR tools available.
  • REMnux® - A free Linux toolkit for assisting malware analysts with reverse-engineering malicious software.
  • EZTools - Cutting-edge open-source windows based digital forensics tool suite for scalable, scriptable, fast forensics.
  • Slingshot - A penetration testing Linux distribution bundling many pentesting tools.
  • SOF-ELK® - 'Big data analytics' platform composed of Elastic stack, logstash, Kibana (ELK) to make large scale analysis easier.
  • APOLLO - Apple Pattern of Life Lazy Output'er (APOLLO) extracts and correlates usage data from Apple devices.
  • DeepBlueCLI - Powershell Event Log Hunting Module.
  • KAPE - Rapid Triage Forensic Artifact Acquisition and Processing Tool.
  • The C2 Matrix - Matrix of Command and Control Penetration Testing Frameworks.
  • The Pyramid of Pain - Threat Intelligence Adversary Cost of Operations Model.
  • Hunting Maturity Model - Threat Hunting Evaluation Model.

A list of over 150 Free Faculty Tools can be found here.

  • CyberTalent - Strengthening cybersecurity workforce development
  • Cyber Discovery - Discovering talented teenagers in UK schools
  • CyberStart America - Inspiring the next generation of cybersecurity professionals Competition on Now
  • Cyber FastTrack - Identifying up-and-coming cyber talent through collegiate competition
  • Cyber Workforce Academy - Growing the cyber workforce through reskilling programs
  • Diversity Cyber Academy - Increasing diversity & inclusion in cybersecurity
  • Women's Immersion Academy - Closing the cybersecurity gender gap
  • VetSuccess Academy - Launching veterans' careers in cyber
  • Law Enforcement Officer Appreciation Program - Supporting the NA State and Local community with 50% off training

*These programs are free to attendees, with some supported by outside grants, sponsorships, and scholarships.

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Virtual Instructor-led Courses
Spring 2020
Spring 2021
Writing and Communication Skills for Security Professionalsxx
Security as an Integral Part of DOD Programsxxxx
Organizational Considerations in Applying Security within the Federal and DOD Bureaucracyxxxx
Constitutional Law and its Application to DOD Securityxxxx
Understanding Adversaries and Threats to the United States and the DODxxxx
Budgeting and Financial Management for Security Programsxx
Human Resource Management for DOD Securityxx
Managing a DOD Installation Security Programxxxx
Research Methods, Data Analysis, and Reporting to Support DOD Security Programsxx
Assessment and Evaluation of DOD Security Programsxxxx
The Future of Security Systems and Cybersecurityxx
Leadership in DOD Securityxxxx
Effective Communication in DOD Securityxxxx
Security in the DOD Acquisition Processxx
Cybersecurity and Oversight of Information System Securityxxxx
Foundations of Insider Threat Managementxx
Statutory, Legal, and Regulatory Basis of DOD Security Programsxx
Risk Management Project and Advanced Studiesxx
The CDSE Certificate in Risk ManagementED151.CT
The CDSE Certificate in Security LeadershipED152.CT
The CDSE Certificate in Security ManagementED153.CT
The CDSE Certificate in Security (Generalist)ED154.CT
The CDSE Certificate for Systems and OperationsED155.CT