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Hello, guys today I am going to talk about the very interesting application which has become a source of daily use. Yes, a guy that is WhatsApp. It is being used for nearly every purpose, from calling to texting messages to sharing videos to media files.

Download WhatsApp PLUS 6.60 for Android for free, without any viruses, from Uptodown. Try the latest version of WhatsApp PLUS 2014 for Android. 8/10 (227973 votes) - Download WhatsApp Plus Android Free. WhatsApp Plus is an APK used to modify the features of WhatsApp for Android. WhatsApp Plus 2021 comes along with different themes and customization options. If there’s one application that can’t go missing on any smartphone in the world.

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Experience your favorite messaging app like no other with the WhatsApp Plus. Use it worry-free with its anti-ban features. Download From Google Play. WhatsApp Plus v8.45 APK. WhatsApp Plus 8.45 (57 MB) WhatsApp Plus v8.35 APK. WhatsApp Plus 8.35 (38 MB) WhatsApp Plus v9.70.1 APK. WhatsApp Plus 9.70.1.

We can say that we have been addicted to this application and we can’t live without it. So we want more and more from this, but somehow the regular WhatsApp lags behind. So the developers have the WhatsApp has introduced the different type of WhatsApp, which has many unique and best features introduced.

This WhatsApp looks like as the regular WhatsApp but has different features and installation processes. So to know more about the WhatsApp plus let’s know its features.


Download WhatsApp Golden Plus apk. Download latest Whatsapp Golden Abu Arab Watts +2 update the latest version Direct link for free. WhatsApp Gold updated against the ban, has been long awaited by the users and fans of Golden after the development team encountered many problems in the work of the new version, especially after the temporary ban of these copies have been checked this version. How To Download And Install WhatsApp Plus Latest Version For Android June 10, 2021 Looking at the figures for Instant Messaging (IM) in 2021 alone, we already have in excess of 7.0 billion instant messaging accounts in the world.

  • In WhatsApp plus you can hide double ticks, blue ticks and last seen.
  • You can download anyone status without knowing him.
  • You can share HD quality images from this WhatsApp plus.
  • WhatsApp plus gives you many options to choose wallpaper and themes.
  • You can share large media files than the regular WhatsApp.
  • This WhatsApp plus has added a new feature of UPI payment option.
  • You have the ability to add the group description.
  • You can have the status of 225 words.
  • This WhatsApp plus has inbuilt security lockup system which entirely clears the dependence of third-party app. So no more ram usage and junk files.
  • Whenever you open the WhatsApp plus it helps who the friends w=are online or not.
  • This is one of the few features on many features so you should install it and explore more features.


  • First, you should know that you cant get this WhatsApp in play store. Because are like the extensions of the regular WhatsApp so to download the WhatsApp plus you have to follow these steps.
  • First, go to settings then privacy then enable the download and installation from unknown sources.
  • Then uninstall the regular WhatsApp from your phone and then you will be able to install and use this WhatsApp.
  • You can download this WhatsApp plus from this site or from its official site.
  • Or you can simply search to download this WhatsApp and download it.
  • Now locate where the file has been downloaded. And scroll there and tap to install it.
  • After installing open and register your phone number.
  • After OTP confirmation your WhatsApp plus account is ready for use.
  • Allow all the permissions and location to access.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download

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I hope your eagerness to have more and more features in WhatsApp has some option to access. This WhatsApp plus has way more features and way more suitable for use. So you should use this WhatsApp and explore more and more features. Nowadays many people are luring to this WhatsApp and many have switched so don’t think to use WhatsApp plus.

Looking at the figures for Instant Messaging (IM) in 2021 alone, we already have in excess of 7.0 billion instant messaging accounts in the world. This is not even inclusive of the mobile messaging feature, and we are almost at a pace where every being on the planet has an IM account matched to them.

The rise of Instant Messaging means there are a series of platforms driving it. Here, we have WhatsApp leading the bunch with more than 1.5 billion users on a global scale. With such high power also comes great responsibility!

Unfortunately, the official WhatsApp team has been falling behind in offering some of the most sought-after features which users are looking to have in their apps. Of these, we especially love the WhatsApp Plus solution, and it’s not difficult to see why.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a MOD of the base WhatsApp app which brings all of the salient features that users love, improving on that with some highly coveted features which users have been waiting for.

Although there are a lot of other WhatsApp alternative apps out there, the WhatsApp Plus stands out in the unique offerings that it brings on board.

For one, it does not function as an add-on to the basic WhatsApp platform, ensuring users don’t get locked out of the special benefits they get when an update comes along. Likewise, the standalone app retains most of the UI and functionality of the main WhatsApp, helping users adapt to it with relative ease.

Considering all that and more, it is little surprise why WhatsApp Plus is the go-to choice for people looking to get the most out of their IM game.

What Makes WhatsApp Plus Special?

If WhatsApp Plus only did what the basic WhatsApp did, there would be no need to give it even a second glance. The good news, then, is that it packs a lot of new and exciting features for interested users.

As a bonus, the developers of this standalone app have ensured they are always many steps ahead of the official WhatsApp team, so we will tell you Some of the stand-out features of the WhatsApp Plus :



The only style modification you get to do on the basic WhatsApp is changing the chat wallpaper, and no more. You don’t get to explore the various layout options you could have, change the color profiles and make such other display modifications.

This is where WhatsApp Plus steps in with an array of beautiful themes – of which we have over 700 right now – to ensure a customized chat experience for you. With a waiting library of amazing themes, even more are being added on a regular basis by the team of developers behind the app.


Although WhatsApp has a slew of emojis and emoticons you can choose from already, WhatsApp Plus takes that a step further by supplying even more options to pick from.

If you are a fan of Google Hangouts and the amazing emojis that comes with it, you will love WhatsApp Plus even more since they incorporate the same set of emojis to expand the already-rich library.


Perhaps, the biggest win for WhatsApp Plus users is the privacy protocols which comes with it.

The official app allows you hide your Read Receipts which disables the blue tick from showing when you have read a message. This also makes it such that your contacts do not know when you view their status updates. However, there is a downside to all this. /any-car-stereos-offering-free-install/.

On enabling such features, you also lose the right to see blue ticks when your messages are read, or know who has viewed your status updates. Fortunately, WhatsApp Plus does not have such restrictions.

This means you can keep your privacy intact without having to sacrifice seeing such from the other end of the conversation. A win-win, don’t you think?

Besides hiding the blue ticks and status viewing notifications, WhatsApp Plus also makes it possible to disable the second tick so that contacts don’t know when messages have been delivered to you.

Even in groups or other chats, you can disable the recording notification when you are making a recording – or make sure contacts don’t know when you have opened an audio file.

User Interface

Besides the option of using custom themes, WhatsApp Plus allows you make the chat portal yours in every way possible. From the font type and size to their colors, there is almost no part of the user experience that you want get to tweak to your tastes.

When you are done with all that, you can be rest assured that your chat screenshots will stand out from the bunch.

Contact List Requirements

The official WhatsApp requires that you go through the hassle of adding contacts to your contact list before you get to send them messages. You don’t have to worry about all of that with WhatsApp Plus.

As long as the contact you intend to text has a WhatsApp account, and it is associated with the phone number you are texting, you don’t have to save them up.

Improved Multimedia Sharing

Many users have complained of quality issues when sending files via the original WhatsApp platform. When those files are not heavily compressed, they might be restricted from being sent due to their size.

On WhatsApp Plus, the file size requirement has been raised, making it possible to share heavy files and longer videos without having to first compress it, or break it down into parts.

Likewise, improved image quality is guaranteed – since the service does not have to compress first before sending. Note that this might cause files to send slower (not significantly, though) on the WhatsApp Plus, but you will be assured of the highest quality and resolutions when they do come out.

Chat Pinning

Personally, not being able to pin more than three (3) chats on the basic WhatsApp is frustrating. For people who follow a lot of groups which they won’t like to miss important messages from, that could be a huge challenge.

On this, WhatsApp Plus went all the way to make things more comfortable for users. Increasing the chat pinning limit to as much as 1000, you have all the pinning functionality you need right there.

Other Important Features

Some other features bundled with the WhatsApp Plus which gives it an even bigger edge over the official app includes, but is not limited to :

  • Allows location sharing in just a single click
  • Selection and sending of messages to multiple contacts is easier
  • Using Quick Reply to attend to messages when you are not available to chat, or replying to a templates question.
  • Ability to revoke multiple messages at once
  • Ability to copy text status of your contacts with ease
  • Removal of the ‘Read More’ tag from long messages, and so much more.

Download Whatsapp For Android Latest

Free Install Whatsapp Plus For Android Download

Download WhatsApp Plus On Your Android Device

Downloading WhatsApp Plus and installing it on your Android device. Although the app is unavailable on Google Play Store, So you need to download it from the box below.

Download WhatsApp Plus v12.00 Latest Version For Android

Installing WhatsApp Plus On Your Android Device

Below are the system requirements and specific instructions for installing and running WhatsApp Plus on your device. They have been broken down as much as possible, and you can complete all the steps yourself.

Download Whatsapp For Android 2.3

Android devices is designed to, by default, allow app installations only from the Google Play Store. Since you did not download the WhatsApp Plus from the official Play Store, that feature might kick into place to prevent you from installing the app on your phone.

After downloading the app (you can use the download button provided above), Proceed to installing the app by :

1- Go to your downloads and find the WhatsApp Plus APK file.

Before getting the install button, the Android system might come up with some warnings by default. You can safely ignore this and proceed with your download.

2- Tapping on the APK file, which should open it under the package installer

3- You will see a window telling you that you are installing app from unknown source, so click on allow then click on ‘Next,’ then hit ‘Install’.

Free Install Whatsapp Plus For Android Phone

Registering Second Account

If you wish to run two WhatsApp Plus accounts on same device, you can use GBWhatsApp Pro its have same features and able you to run 2 apps on same device


For all that this app brings on board, it is interesting to note that it is offered at no cost. You don’t even have to worry about in-app purchases as all features come fully unlocked to the user.

Free Install Whatsapp Plus For Android Phones

If you have also been waiting to enjoy all of the many features above, now is a good time as any to download the app too.