Free Spy On Whatsapp Without Installing Software

Spy WhatsApp Messages without Installing on Target Phone There are various types of spying software tools available on the web to make this process very seamless for people. There are some spy apps that require to install the Whatsapp tracking software on the target phone to get remote access to the WhatsApp chats. Best Free WhatsApp Spy App – Spy on WhatsApp Messages for Free. WhatsApp spy is an application that can be secretly installed on the smartphones of your kids or employees. IKeyMonitor WhatsApp spy app is a monitoring app for tracking WhatsApp text messages, recording voice messages, monitoring keystrokes and capturing screenshots.

  1. Free Spy On Whatsapp Without Installing Software
  2. Free Spy On Whatsapp Without Installing Software Without
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Mobile phones are no longer a luxury; they have become a necessity. It is, therefore, no surprise that people consider it to be the best personal convenience gadget of the digital age. It has made communicating and keeping in touch with loved ones a lot simpler. This is one of the main reasons that parents often buy mobile phones for their children.

Leaving its many benefits aside, one cannot deny that handing a phone to your child exposes him to inappropriate and objectionable content that plagues the web. So what can parents do to protect their children from harm? The answer may not be ethical, but installing a phone spy app such as the FreePhoneSpy can help you monitor your child's phone habits and keep them safe.

Unlike other mobile phone spy apps that offer only location tracking, FreePhoneSpy has many useful features bundled in a single app. The software is undetectable. It is thereby disallowing anyone to meddle with it after installation.

FreePhoneSpy: A Free Mobile Phone Spy App That Parents Fully Trust

FreePhoneSpy is an award-winning parental control app that allows parents to secretly monitor their child's phone activities without raising any eyebrows. However, the application of the app is not restricted to a kid's phone alone. Employers can use this app to track their employees, and spouses can use it to catch a cheating partner. The app is compatible with both iOS as well as Android devices.

Steps to follow for installing the FreePhoneSpy - Mobile Spy Free app

If you want to put to rest any concerns about who your child is interacting with or for what purposes they are using their phones, install the FreePhoneSpy app now in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Download the application on your phone

You can download the app from the official website. Before downloading the app, you must enable unknown sources on your phone by clicking on settings -> lock screen and security -> unknown sources. Once the app is downloaded, install it on your phone.

Step 2: Set up an account

Create your account by providing a valid email ID, username, and password.


Step 3: Connect with the target phone

For this, you will have to get hold of the target phone for a couple of minutes. Follow the same steps for downloading and installing as before. Delete the download and browser history and hide the application's icon.

Step 4: Start spying

After completing the above steps, you can start tracking all the activities at on the target phone by logging into your account.

8+ Features of FreePhoneSpy that parents love

The app is loaded with a bunch of amazing features that parents require to get real-time information about their child's activities. Below is a brief description of all the power-packed features:


The main requirement for any spy app is to be undetectable. The FreePhoneSpy app is one hundred percent undetectable. All the features loaded on the app can be turned on remotely. Hence the chances of getting caught are zero.

Once the app is installed on the target phone, the download history can be easily deleted, thereby leaving no clues behind. The app's icon can also be hidden from the phone's launcher menu. The person whose phone the app has been installed on will not be able to detect its presence at all.

Track Phone Location

Do you often worry about the whereabouts of your children? Now with the help of the FreePhoneSpy, you can know exactly where they are. The GPS tracker will send you the live location of your child's phone by recording the location details and sending it over to your mobile phone.

If the location of the phone changes, you will receive notifications about it in real-time too. You can also access past location details and get details about the place, date, and time of visit. Another benefit of this feature is that you can find the phone in case it gets stolen or lost.

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Text Message Spy

Children often catch up with their friends by exchanging messages and images. The SMS feature of the FreePhoneSpy app gives you access to read all incoming and outgoing messages- text as well as multimedia. You can check messages sent in the past or view the exchanges happening live on your kid's device.

It automatically backs up the messages, and hence you can view it even if the message is deleted on the target's phone. Additional information such as the phone number of the person, date and time of the sent and received messages can also be found using this feature.

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Call Spying

With the help of this feature, you can listen in on a live call. Information such as the name of the contact, date and time of the call, duration of the call, and the content of the conversation can also be accessed. It also provides details of any missed calls.

The app has a call recording feature too. This feature automatically records phone conversations made to or from the monitored phone. The recording of the calls is saved on a dashboard in the app. You can listen to it whenever it is convenient for you. Downloading of the recording is also permitted. This feature works seamlessly without any interruptions on both Android and iOS devices.

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This feature records all keystrokes made on the device on which the app is installed. It secretly logs in usernames as well as passwords. So if a password protects your child's phone, the keylogger feature of the FreePhoneSpy app will help you to get the password. The password will be sent to your account. You can log into it to view the password and unlock the target phone.

If your child happens to change the password of the phone, you don't have to worry as you can still access it with the help of this feature.

IM Monitoring

It is common to find children hooked to various social media sites. While we cannot stop them from accessing these sites, we can monitor them to protect them from the perils of the dark web.

Free Spy On Whatsapp Without Installing Software

As just the built-in messaging system no longer sends messages on the phone but also through various social media platforms, the social media spy feature easily becomes the USP of the app.

This spy feature allows you to keep an eye on their activities on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. You can also check the messages and view private and public posts.

Track Internet History

Children are curious by nature. This curiosity often drives them to seek information by visiting sites that are not suitable for them. They may be embarrassed to admit it and hence fall prey to online predators.

Internet history contains information about the sites visited recently and in the past. By spying on the browser history, you can ensure that your child is not exposed to any objectionable information.

If you find such websites listed in the history, you will be better equipped to educate them about its dangers. You can also block any websites that you deem inappropriate without them knowing about it.

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Ambient Voice Recording

This feature allows you to listen to any noise coming from the surrounding of the target phone in real-time. You do not require physical access to the target phone for using this feature. It can be activated remotely by just clicking a button. You can start listening in without anyone knowing as no notification will be sent to the tracked phone.

The ambient recording feature uploads the recording to your account from where you can access it at any time. It is also possible to download the record and save it on your device. The record is clear and free of any disruptions.

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Video and photo spy

Free Spy On Whatsapp Without Installing Software Without

Sharing images and videos can be dangerous as they can be easily doctored and put up on unreputable sites. Although children may not see the inherent threat in it, protecting them from such hazards is the duty of any responsible parent.

This spy feature gives you access to all the pictures and videos present on your child's phone. It also gives you information about who sent them, with whom they have been shared along with the date and time stamp of the sharing activity.

Spy on WhatsApp

This is a much-required feature if your child is using WhatsApp to hide communication with their friends or contacting people who are up to no good. WhatsApp can be misused for bullying, sexting, and other problems that may be difficult for children to handle on their own.

Free Spy On Whatsapp Without Installing Software Online

The WhatsApp spy feature is easy to use and helps you to keep a vigil on your child's activities by monitoring their WhatsApp messages, calls, and information shared using this app.

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A mobile phone has become a necessary evil in the lives of our children. The good news is that parents can keep them out of harm's way by making use of spy apps like the FreePhoneSpy.

Although parents are not the only category of people that can benefit from such a versatile app.

Free Spy On Whatsapp Without Installing Software Download

Employers can use this app to ensure that their employees are being productive and not leaking company information to the outside world. This app can also come to the rescue of a harrowed spouse who suspects his/her partner of being unfaithful.

Free Spy On Whatsapp Without Installing Software Free

FreePhoneSpy has a dedicated team of customer service representatives. Feel free to reach out to them with any queries that you may have regarding the app or its features.