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What is a Subdomain?
It is a separate domain using your main domain and a prefix name. A subdomain is created as a folder under your root directory with its own unique content and URL. It works the same as your Domain Name. An example of a subdomain is ''. The prefix name 'mail' is a subdomain of the main domain ''. Subdomains can be anything you choose

Do I have to host my website with you if I registered my domain through your website?
Not at all. You own the Domain Name. You can host your website anywhere you choose and still keep your domain registration with us

What can I use to create my Website?
You can create a website in a variety of ways depending on your level of skills. From hand coding to using a website builder app such as WordPress. Let RSH Web Services design and build a website for you. Our Website plans give you access to programs that can be used to build and customize your website such as Content Management System (CMS) applications

Is there a Contract Period?
Unlike other companies that need those long term contracts to stay in business or pay their affiliates. We do not. What we have seen with the Hosting Market lately is offering discounts for long term contracts - 3 month, yearly, 2 year contract. But only offering a 30 day money back guarantee

Posted on April 1, 2013

First of all, before we start reviewing the best free Joomla hosting solutions, let us say few words about Joomla CMS itself. Paver installation free estimate.

So, unlike WordPress which is geared for smaller blogs and websites with less multimedia, Joomla is a true CMS (content management system), the one that supports multiple content types, has an extremely good taxonomy and comes with a great Joomla community plus some of the best templates that we can see and download around.

With all these features, Joomla can look challenging and while the installation process is pretty straightforward, if you’re not familiar with PHP and MySQL it can be a little much to handle. Web hosts know this and as such many the services of easy installation and configuration of Joomla web site where the entire installation is handled by the host, and many will even offer free upgrades when needed.

Free Web Hosting With Joomla Installation

Completely Free Joomla Hosting options

There are quite a few free hosting providers that support Joomla hosting free options at their hosting platform, however, we’d suggest to consider the following web host that in our opinion provides some of the best free Joomla hosting in terms of available features and offered services. provides all-in-one free Joomla hosting plan with 250MB of web space, 5000 MB of monthly transfer and a free domain with extension ( The free plan includes “one click” Joomla installation and automatic configuration of Joomla site that comes with many free Joomla site templates and Joomla extensions.

Using this hosting plan you can also install and configure any 3rd party (external) Joomla templates and extensions. See free plan details – click here

Free Install and Configuration of Joomla website

You might also want to consider the possibility to obtain a “free hosting” for your Joomla site by purchasing a low cost web hosting plan from some of the solid web hosting providers that offer special “free Joomla hosting” packages that include easy one-click Joomla installation, automatic configuration of Joomla site and dedicated support of your Joomla web site hosted with them.

The mentioned Joomla hosting plans usually cost between $3 and $5 per month and in most cases provide unlimited web hosting space and unlimited monthly transfer, as well as free domain name, and a large choice of advanced hosting features. We’d suggest taking a look at the following Joomla hosts:

  1. WebHostingHub (Webhostinghub review)
  2. HostGator (Hostgator review)
  3. InMotionHosting (InMotion Hosting review)

» some more cheap web hosting providers that support Joomla site hosting are represented on our web page dedicated to the best web hosting services.

Free Web Hosting With Joomla Installation Download

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Free Web Hosting With Joomla Installation Software

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