How To Install A Free Standing Shampoo Bowl

LINDSAY Free Standing Shampoo Unit SU-83WPerfect for working in a small space or optimizing your space in any salon or home. Featuring a fully adjustable oversized porcelain shampoo bowl and sturdy fiberglass base for your customer to experience maximum comfort. Easy to install and maintain. Free Standing Shampoo Unit with a fully adjustable bowl. Simple and easy to maintain as well as to install. FREE STANDING SHAMPOO BOWL SU-83BLK: Overall: 22.5' W x 24' L x 40' H Bowl: 23' W x 21' L x 12' D Rear Removable Access Door: 8' W x 11' H. A freestanding corner tub is ideal for smaller bathrooms since you can save space while getting the bath tub of your dreams at the same time. Fitting your freestanding tub neatly into the corner of the bathroom means that you have the extra space to install all the other things that you want, and you're not compromising on storage space for your towels and toiletries either.

Shampoo bowls are essential equipment’s for any beauty salons, and they are designed to offer comfort to clients and stylists. If you are planning to offer salon services at home, you can invest in one of the portable shampoo bowls. Normally, this type of shampoo bowl is made of hardened plastic that is designed to follow the curve of the neck. When it comes to installing portable shampoo bowl at home, this process is fairly easy and can be done without professional help.

How to install a free standing shampoo bowl units

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Installing Portable Shampoo Bowl at Home

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A portable shampoo bowl comes with a built-in stand that you can insert easily behind a recliner seat. The height of the stand is fully adaptable in order to match different recliner seat sizes. Some brands offer to stand with wheels for easy movement.

The lower section of the shampoo bowl will have a drain hose that you can extend downward into a plastic container. Note that the plastic container is not usually included in the unit.

Some of the other features of the portable bowl include hair traps, hair sprayer, and provisions for hot and cold water taps as well as a faucet. With the built-in tank, you don’t have to worry about fitting the unit to any plumbing line when installing portable shampoo bowl at home.

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Tips on How to Install Portable Shampoo Bowl

1. Before you start the installation process, it’s best to read the instructions supplied by the manufacturer. All the shampoo bowl assembly comes with an instruction manual.

2. Ensure that all the components are included before you start the installation process. These includes:

· A male plastic leg for the bottom;

· A female plastic leg for the top section with a round hole;

· A pole with an adjustable knob;

· A plastic bowl;

· Drain stopper;

· Flexible hose.

How to install a free standing shampoo bowl

Steps to Install portable shampoo bowl at home

1. Start by unscrewing the bolt from the bottom of the pole.

2. Put the legs together and then use the bolt to affix the pole with an adjustable knob onto the bottom.

3. Use a bolt to screw tightly and then insert the pole inside the larger pole.

4. Put the bowl over the pole and connect the drain hose.

5. You have to find your own drain bucket and water source. Use a pitcher of water or the spray hose from the kitchen sink.

6. Ensure that the hose is attached properly and is set to drain inside the sink or bucket.

Portable shampoo bowls are lightweight and can be adjusted easily to fit any kitchen sink, regardless of the size and type. Since they are not required to be connected to any plumbing line or water line, the installation process is easy. If you follow these easy tips for installing portable shampoo bowl, you can set up your home salon in no time.

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Video Guide on Installing Portable Shampoo Bowl