How To Install Double Lnb Free Dish Antenna

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How To Install Double Lnb Free Dish Antenna

When Dish Network first launched their satellite television service, they used an 18' dish similar to DirecTV round dish. In fact, the dishes and LNB's where interchangeable. This 18' dish was pointed at a satellite referred to as 119. It is called the 119 satellite, because it is located in the 119 longitude orbital slot. Dish Network also had the rights to use frequencies at the 110 orbital location and they quickly launched a satellite to operate at that location. They also have rights for satellites at 148, 129, 127 and 61.5 (more on that later). For more information about what dish receive which satellites, go here.

To make use of the channel capacity at 110, Dish Network developed the real first DBS satellite dish for receiving more then 1 satellite from a single dish. This Dish was called the Dish 500. It was called this because it was calculated Dish Network could broadcast as many as 500 channels using both the 119 and 110 satellites. Technically, they might be able to broadcast 500 channels, but since many of those channels are territory restricted, no one system could be authorized to receive all 500 channels. However, Dish 500 it was called.

Answer: Hello, you mean you want to install multiple LNBs on same small ku band dish antenna. It is very easy here are some easy steps: Dish Size: Dish size should be 60cm to 100 cm for good gain, because one small dish gives 40-60 db gain so use your dish antenna branded and good quality. Best prefer antenna is ” Dish TV’ because it is. Many dishes have pre-made fixed LNB spacings. This assumes that the dishes will be used in the US and for the reception of satellites spaced say 9 deg apart. The entire antenna (dish and LNBs) may be rotated to set the polarisation/skew angle. Optimise this for the central satellite. General purpose multi-LNB antennas may have perhaps 5 feeds.

The first Dish 500 Dishes used two-single LNBS for a one receiver system, but Dish Network quickly moved to using all dual LNB's. A single LNB only has one coax connection. A dual has two coax connections. To allow a receiver to get signal from both the 119 LNB and the 110 LNB. Dish network developed the SW-21 Switch. The SW-21 Switch is a digitally controlled A/B switch. When the receiver want to tune to a channel on the 110 satellite, a digital signal using the DisEqC format was sent down the coax to the switch. Another signal was sent to switch back to 119.

Dish Network also came out with several additional switches for various applications. All the switches used the same DisEqC method. The SW-64 required an external power supply. The SW-64 was used to distribute signal from three satellites (usually 119, 110 and either 61.5 or 148) to as many as four receives. The 61.5 and 148 satellites are used for additional local channel channels, international programming and other niche market market programming.


The next evolution in Dish Network LNB's and Switches were combo units. The Dish 500 Twin and Dish 500 Quad combined the LNB and Switch into one self contained unit. Seen below, these combo units increased system reliability by removing exposed coax connections from exposure to weather. It is important to point out that these are Legacy parts. More on that on the next page.

Dish 500 with
Twin 500

This guide explains how to setup a Multi-LNB Satellite dish for viewing multiple satellites on one dish. The best way to install them: setup center one first, then install side LNBs.

Before you start to put dish up, Make sure the mast is plumb and perfect vertical all around. Install dragon free.

This Multi-LNB Mount can connect up to 6 LNBF or more in order receive 2 or more different satellite signals on one single dish. Set up center LNB first. Make sure that right LNB and correct receiver setup for match up what you are trying to get.

This Mount can hold all kind of the LNBF.
Compatible with 30mm or 40mm LNBF
you can get 4 axes point’s adjustments: forwards/backwards, up/down, left/right, side to side.

How to setup 101,110, 119 in one dish Using the Mount

How often costco offer free tire installation. The mounts that hold the Lnbf are from 1/2' to 2' emt pipe clamps/mounts. With this kind of setup ( Mount) you can get 4 axes point’s adjustments: forwards/backwards, up/down, left/right, side to side. The quality for 110 will get from 90% to 100% , For 119 will get 80% to 98% and for 121 will get 70% to 95% depending on the transponder and your receiver. But you would need to play with 119 to get the best quality you can for the both 119 and 121. With this kind of setup should get 82, 91, and 97 on one dish too.

Connect all 3 Lnbf to Super Mount. Now move it so it is about 1/2 inch higher than the first. Move it so it is about 1/2 inch higher than the second. The 1/2 inch does not have to be exact, but fairly close.Mount has Ruler mark. Hopefully, between reading and looking at the pictures, you'll make it work. First time setup took quite some time to get it figured out.
The LNB on your right will be looking at Sat. 101, the middle one 110, and the left one
Will be 119. Mount the LNBF back to a dish. Mount the middle one to dish just like normal. As for tuning, hooked up DirecTV to the 101 LNB and tuned it till had signal. You could also hook up DISH to the 119 LNB and tune it in. Once you have one of them working, the other two LNBF WILL be seeing signal at its respective Sat. You will probably have to compromise on signal strength depending on where you are and what you are watching.
This is working for Dishnet110, 119, 121 too. But, between 119 and 121 will more close and almost on the same level.
This is working for BEV 82, 91, 97 too.
We can add more mount finger in order we can add more LNB to dish and receive more satellite in one dish. For example, we can put Dish net 110,119,121,
Bell 91 together. Or combine with FTA LNB and receiver DSS satellite and FTA satellite together.

How to setup 82, 91, and 97 in one dish (super Dish) by using Mount

Is what you need...
A: 33”, 36” or 39” inch dish
B: 2 DSS DN circular Lnbf -LNBF. 1- ku-linear Standard LNBF Using the LNBF will work the easiest.
C: 1- Super Mount I or Magic Mount III
D: Measuring device. I used a tape measure. A ruler that can measure out 1/2 inch. (Mount already mark the ruler on the holder)
setup same as ----How to setup 110, 119, 121 in one dish (supper Dish) by suing Mount

We should able setup 110, 119, 121, 91 in one dish by using Magic Mount

We should able setup 110, 119, 121, 91, 97 AMC4 in one dish by using Magic Mount

We should able setup T5, G3C, G13, AMC4 in one dish by using Magic Mount

How To Install Double Lnb Free Dish Antenna

More, More setup we should able fulfill by Magic Mount

All LNBF can be adjusted up, down, forward, backward, left and right.

How To Install Double Lnb Free Dish Antenna Instructions

It should let your 24'X 27' dish as SUPPER DISH.
It should let your 33' or 39' dish as T55, T90.
It should let DSS, FSS and FTA satellite locate in one dish.
More and more...
Check Look up Elevation and Azimuth Angle for Azimuth and Elevation about you satellite.