How To Install Garageband On Pc For Free

Hey friends! Are you planning to become a professional DJ or still trying to become but not getting successful? If is it so, it means you lack in a good software, a software which you must start using instantly. So here we are with an app GarageBand. It is an app developed and maintained by Apple. We will mainly focus on the features of the app and a tutorial of how to download Garageband for PC along with some alternatives as well.

Today, we are going to learn, how to download Garageband for windows Pc. But first, get to know what is Garageband. Garageband is a well-known Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) developed by Apple. It’s available for download on Mac OS and iOS devices for absolutely free. Garageband offers a wide selection of instruments, sounds, and effects to. Download GarageBand Windows using iPadian Emulator. The first two methods above are using an Android emulator to download GarageBand for PC, but now we are going to use an iOS emulator to get the same results. It is also free and available online and it has gained popularity lately because it’s fast, reliable, safe, and easy to use.

GarageBand is available officially for Mac and iOS devices for free of cost Download. Even Apple didn’t ask for the price of this super amazing app or software. We don’t have any official PC version of GarageBand and users need to access an Apple product in case to use it. The best alternatives to GarageBand are Mixcraft 6 by Acoustica and Acid Music Studio 8. check new post Facetime on PC

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We think that now you seems to be really keen towards knowing more about this app like features, how to use, etc. The alternatives we mentioned have some similar sort of features to this Apple’s software. Now we must have a look forward to its features and download tutorial.

GarageBand has got all the features which users can easily use so as to create their own music or users can even edit someone else’s music so as to give it a personal touch. This is an app which is pretty easy to use and it is redesigned recently. It provides a clean, simple and amazing UI.

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GarageBand for PC a list of Features

Being a Mac user, you can easily find GarageBand in the iLife software package which is developed by Apple. This software is mainly designed for users to create music with a personal touch or even podcasts.

GarageBand features various virtual instruments including virtual keyboard. This software supports QWERTY keyboard which is used for musical typing and further also supports external MIDI keyboard through USB. Furthermore, it also features some synthesizers through which music lovers can create the synthesized music easily.

GarageBand app features an audio recording tool. It helps users in recording their own voice and then further they can create a song for the podcast. It also features a lot of audio filters. Using these filters, users can easily filter out the audio track just before putting it live.

This app is equipped with a user guide, using which they can start learning about how to use this application so as to create professional music and podcasts. Recently, this software has received an update from Apple and now it is available with a pure brand new look. Its UI is simple and elegant.

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How to download GarageBand for PC Instructions

We are having two different ways to download GarageBand on PC. We will outline them here but both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Users can download GarageBand for PC via using Rare software. All user need is to open the downloader and install the software. When all done, users will be able to see and use the GarageBand for PC similar to its use on Mac.
  2. Users can download the software via BlueStacks, an android emulator. This android emulator will help users in fooling the PC so as to download Garageband for PC. Download and install BlueStacks and search GarageBand in the search tool. Users need to pay $10 as license fee and then they can legally purchase the software.

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GarageBand for PCNero free installer windows 7. will be going to impress the users very easily because of its latest upgrade and now it features pretty elegant UI. The tools are even placed in right place so that users can easily access them instantly. So what you like about GarageBand? Please share your views with us and keep visiting for more nice apps for PC guide.

Today, we are going to learn, how to download Garageband for windows Pc. But first, get to know what is Garageband. Garageband is a well-known Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) developed by Apple. It’s available for download on Mac OS and iOS devices for absolutely free. Garageband offers a wide selection of instruments, sounds, and effects to choose from.

It has an extremely easy-to-use interface making it suitable for beginner composers. /install-pdf-shaper-free/. However, that doesn’t limit its capability to produce professional music. It provides MIDI keyboard supports and multiple tracks making it a well-rounded workstation. Here are some of the amazing features that Garageband has to offer:

Features Of Garageband:-

  • Allows support for USB keyboards.
  • VST (Virtual Studio Technology).
  • Transform pad that allows you to morph output of synths.
  • Cross Compatibility and wireless connectivity to other Apple devices.
  • Easy to use and organized user interface.

Now, here you are trying to download this amazing software for Windows. That sad truth is you really can’t. Well, there’s one method but you won’t technically be running it directly from Windows.

You’ll be running it on a virtual Mac OS that is running inside of Windows (basically the plot of Inception for operating systems). Confused? Well don’t be, we’re going to guide you through the only way to get Garageband working on your PC. Please note, this process is time-consuming and a little complex.


  • 2 How To Get Garageband Working On Windows PC?

What is VirtualBox?

Install Garageband On Windows 10


I mentioned we can run Garageband on Windows by virtually running Mac OS on your PC. We’ll be doing that by using software known as VirtualBox. Essentially, VirtualBox allows you to run another operating system inside of Windows such as Linux or Mac OS.

It’s a great tool for testing out operating systems before you permanently install them onto your hard disk. You can also use it for reasons such as running Garageband or any Mac OS apps on Windows.

Before we begin, you have to understand that VirtualBox takes up a lot of memory. I mean, you’re basically running an entire operating system from your desktop. Hence, make sure you meet at least the minimum system requirements listed below.

GarageBand on PC- Minimum System Requirments:

How To Download Garageband

  • Memory: At least 4GB RAM (We recommend upwards of 8GB RAM). Mac OS is a high-performance and complicated system, hence it will take up a lot of memory.
  • Hard Disk Space: At least 12GB of free space.
  • Windows XP or later installed on your device
  • Any recent Intel or AMD processor should do the trick.

How To Get Garageband Working On Windows PC?

Now that we’ve explained how we’re going to get Garageband working on a Windows computer, let’s show you how to actually do it. If you have a bootable copy of Mac OS (you probably won’t) lying around this process will become about 10 times easier. If you don’t you’ll need a friend’s Mac laptop and follow the instructions below.

How To Install Garageband On Pc For Free Windows 10

How to install garageband on pc for free windows 7

Step 1: Creating Bootable Copy Of Mac OS Catalina

We’ll be running Mac OS Catalina in our Virtual Box. If you have a bootable ISOcopy of Mac OS Catalina you can copy it to a USB and skip this step. If you don’t, grab your friend’s Mac Book, and let’s get started.

  1. Open the App Store on the Mac Book.
  2. Search for macOS Catalina and select download.
  3. Once, that’s done downloading. Open ‘Terminal’ and enter the following commands one by one:

What these commands did was create a disk image of the Catalina OS you just downloaded and then converted it to an ISO file and lastly moved it to the desktop. Before proceeding, copy the created file onto a USB for use in the next step.

Step 2: Setting Up Mac OS Catalina On Virtual Box

After step 1, you’ll no longer need the Mac Book, we’ll be doing the rest of the setup on Windows. We’re about halfway there to getting Garageband working on your PC.

In this step, we need to download and install VirtualBox as well as change some configurations in the VirtualBox settings so that Mac OS Catalina will run smoothly. Before you begin, copy the bootable file you just created onto your PC using a USB.

  1. Download and install VirtualBox on your Windows PC.
  2. Open VirtualBox and click New to create a new virtual machine.
  3. When the pop-up appears, click ‘Expert Mode‘ on the bottom and enter the details as follows. You can choose the name as follows, however, this must be the name that you use in the upcoming steps. Change the memory size to at least 4096MB, if not higher.
  4. Select VDI as the Hard disk file type and click create.
  5. Now ‘macOS Catalina final‘ virtual machine should appear in the sidebar of VirtualBox. Now click on the Settings icon. In the System tab uncheck ‘Floppy‘, and check ‘Enable EFI’.
  6. In the Processor tab within the ‘System’ section. Increase your processor up to 4.
  7. In the Display Section, ‘Screen’ tab, increase video memory up to maximum.
  8. In the Storage section, select ‘Empty’, click the CD icon next to Optical Drive and select ‘Choose/Create a virtual Optical Disk. Now press ‘Add’ and select the bootable mac OS Catalina ISO file you just copied to your PC.
  9. Now lastly, enter the following commands into Window’s Command Prompt and click Start on Virtual Box. You will now be guided through the setup process for Mac OS.

Step 3: Downloading and Installing Garageband

If you made it this far, you definitely want to get Garageband running on your PC. We’re almost there. We left off in the setup process for Mac OS on your virtual machine.

  1. Run through the Mac OS setup pages so that it begins installing.
  2. Set up your account and click on the App Store on your desktop dock, search for Garageband and install. Or you download Garageband from Apple’s website.
  3. Run and enjoy Garageband on your Windows computer!

How To Download Garageband On Windows For Free

Final Words

Downloading Garageband for Windows is no easy process. However, if you really want to get it running on your Windows computer, this is the only way to do it. Moreover, stay away from websites that states it has a working version of Garageband that will run on Windows.

In most cases, these files will not be the official Garageband and it may also install adware or even malware on to your Windows computer. If you have any questions or doubts about the installation process, please leave them in the comments below. Cheers!