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How to Promote Your App on Google Play

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The app installs advertising objective helps you reach more people to grow your user base, and makes it easy for people to download your app. You can also bring people back into your app with the Traffic objective or encourage specific actions in your app with the Conversion objective. Use the 'Story' feature and create frequent stories regarding your app. Instead of being obvious, promote your app with your competitors. Initiate the app install campaigns and app launch contests. Create a particular theme in your profile with the content that you post. Collaborate with Instagram Influencers for shoutouts and app reviews.

Following are some awesome tips to promote Android app for free: Submit a listing or review of your app on AndroidSage Yes, we sometimes do promote Android apps. However, we don’t charge for it. PROMOTE YOUR APP FOR FREE Grow your user base by exchanging ads with other developers in our community Earn credits showing at her members’ ads in your apps. Spend your credits having other members promote your apps.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create an efficient and unique app; still, it will not get the needed popularity without proper visibility on Google Play Store. Gaining high visibility is quite a complex task, and every developer faces numerous challenges asking the question: 'How to promote my App?'

Promoting mobile apps will simultaneously increase the App’s visibility and gain a high profit. Among the numerous ways of getting a proper Google Play Store visibility, every developer needs to choose the best app promotion campaign. Our marketing service brings clients a great possibility to gain top ratings and installs. Our CPI-based (pay per install) Android app promotion is the top marketing strategy for every app promotion. Since the mobile app is shared through numerous ads network - the results of such promotion are quite impressive. Don't hesitate to promote your Android App as it deserves to be ranked higher and be installed by users.

Wide-Ranging App Promotion Service

Our team works to provide clients with clever Android app promotion service, thus, every service package includes profound marketing plan, free consultations, and professional support. Install office 2013 free download. We always take into account all your requirements and wishes in order to gain the best results.

We provide intelligent app marketing that offers you many advantages:

1. Full Report: During a promotion campaign, we provide full report of all reviews and installs delivered. Besides, you can gain statistics in Google Analytics as well.

2. Professional Support: Our customer support team is available round-the-clock; you can ask your questions whenever you need answers.

3. Fraud Prevention: With a strong and efficient security system, we also provide “fraud-free” promotion campaign.

4. Effective Model: The Pay-Per-Install promotion model allows your mobile app to gain great results in a short period of time, making sure everything is going according to plan.

5. Top Rankings: Because we use advanced technologies, every app can quickly reach the top spot on Google Play Store.

6. Geo-targeting: With our promotion campaigns, it is easy to specify a certain country or region of mobile app spreading.

7. Affordable Prices: Our pricing policy allows getting a high-quality service for an affordable price.

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Feel free to contact us to find out what extra advantages you can get!

IOS App Promotion

When promoting your iOS app, the first thing you need to do is have a unique and efficient application that has its own advantages over familiar leading apps on the current market. Thus, you definitely need a proper app store optimization. After, choose your audience and start app promotion campaign. Since the iOS app promotion key method is pay per install, choosing this way of promotion is the cleverest decision. You can also work with influencers, like key social networks, YouTube channels, and promotion on top blogs, since these are quality ways of gaining higher traffic and installs. Promoting mobile apps will get you in front of a bigger audience, resulting in more installs and reviews.

Promote iOS App

Once using our app promotion campaigns, you can get a bunch of advantages ordering both high quality and affordable services. We provide intelligent app optimization with graphics and new text. We drive installs and reviews in order to deliver your mobile app to the top spot on the current market. You will receive high-quality organic installs and reviews every day, pushing your app to the top on Google Play Store.

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We advertise your Android app or game on banners and app walls. We promote all apps and games on Google Play; this means that as a result of your Android app promotion campaign,the download number on Google Play increases. This may, in turn, lead to more organic app installs.The creative assets for your campaign are automatically generated from your app's Google Play icon and the title and subtitle you want to use.

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Our ad system ranks ads from different advertisers based on the cost-per-install bids and the conversion rate. If your app has a great conversion rate, then yourAndroid app promotion campaign on AppBrain runs better. This means that the installs are cheaper, or that you get your installs faster.This also means that a well-optimized app store placement benefits your APpBrain campaign. If our users see an attractive page about your app in Google Play,the chance they install your app is higher, and you are rewarded by a lower cost-per-install. Therefore we recommend you to perform App Store Optimization (ASO) beforeyou promote your Android app on AppBrain.