Install Free Mcboot From Usb Stick


  • Nov 26, 2013 Free McBoot 1.8 Install Tutorial video. FINALLY, it worked!! Got past the struck blackscreen stage and I choose with Multi-version install option instead of normal install in one of 16 x PS2 Memory cards, writing a 'FREE McBOOT version 1.8' label on my Memory Card. FreeMCBoot FAQ + Install Guide.
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You must format this USB to FAT. This can be achieved by right clicking on the USB in explorer and selecting format - FAT - Quick - start (BE WARNED THIS WILL WIPE ALL FILES OFF USB ) Now open NoobiePackage and copy 'INSTALL' folder and 'FREEMCBOOT.ELF' to your usb. That is all for the computer now guys. Insert your USB drive into your PC and empty the contents of the (FreeMCboot) folder to the flash drive. It should contain a folder called (INSTALL) and a file called (FREEMCBOOT.ELF). After the files transfer you can remove the USB drive and set it aside we are done with it for now.

What you Need:

retail AR Max EVO disc
Free McBoot release Package
SwapMagic 3.8 coder ELF {optional method}

FCEUltra.elf {optional method}
USB stick {Formatted FAT32}
PS2 Memory Card
PS2 console

Prepare the files:
Note: FMCB installer will not boot directly from Action Replay Max. This is why you must have an AR Max EVO with the Max Media Player.

Copy the FREE_MCBOOT.ELF and the INSTALL folder to the USB root.
Insert the USB stick and the AR Max disc, then run the disc. Note: The USB device MUST be inserted before running the disc!
In the main screen of AR Max, select the Media Player

After a few splash screens,

the Media Player intro will start, you can just press X to skip it. AR Max will now read the USB stick and display file(s).

In the Media Player menu:
Choose the FREE_MCBOOT.ELF by scrolling with the ‘Next Item’ button on screen if it is not the first file shown, as the Media Player only displays 1 item at a time.

Select PLAY button and the installer will boot.

In the event of a blackscreen, try one of the following alternative methods.

Many USB devices are simply not fully compatible with AR Max, even though they recognise the device, it may not show all files or boot them properly. Don not take out the USB device and re-insert it while AR Max is running, “Hot-Swapping” is not a good idea with AR Max.
Here are 2 known methods you can try to get around the incompatibility if either one will show in the Media Players menu.

If none will display, then try another USB device.

On the USB stick create a folder, named SWAPMAGIC
Rename a copy of uLaunchELF’s BOOT.ELF to SWAPMAGIC.ELF and put it in the folder.

* * * DO NOT put the FREE_MCBOOT.ELF or the INSTALL folder in this folder!!* * *

Next put the SW3.8C.ELF {or whatever its named} on the USB stick root [[not in the folder]]
In this tutorial, i named the SM3.8C.ELF to SWAPMAGIC.ELF for simplicity.

Follow the steps for the Media Player and select the SWAPMAGIC.ELF

SwapMagic should automatically run uLaunchELF

Next press O to goto the FileBrowser screen
goto mass:/ and select the FREE_MCBOOT.ELF……… after a quick flash of the launch splash, Free McBoot’s Installer will load.

If that didnt automatically boot to uLaunchelf, then continue thru the menu’s.

On the main screen, select SMBOOT

next screen, select SMBOOT0

If it still didnt boot or you black screened, try renaming uLaunchELF’s BOOT.ELF to SMBOOT0.ELF and try again.
Or go to the next alternative method below:


Copy the FCEUltra.elf to the USB stick and follow the steps above to run the Media Player.

Select the FCEUltra.elf from the Media Player and PLAY it.

Main Menu of FCEUltra:

Press SELECT button for the configuration menu:

Select ” Configure ELF Path ” and press the O button

Select mass: and then FREE_MCBOOT.ELF from the list on your USB stick.

You will be returned to the Options screen and see the changed path . Now just select Exit to ELF

The installer should now boot!!

A successful boot of the Free McBoot Installer will look like this:



Credit where credit is due: OLLis8h aka N73User who have made these instructions and created the necessary archives.

I supply here a rewritten and English version of these instructions which were in German, and can be read in their original state at this link:

Those who have the fat PS2 may also use the PS1 Exploit by pepsi_max2k, found at:

This guide is intended for those who have wound up with a Action Replay Max Evo disc with no media player. If you have a disc with Max Media Player, you’ll be better off following this guide by

For this guide one needs the following materials:
-Action Replay Max Evo without media player
-USB-drive, formatted in FAT32
-OLLi_s8h – FMCB v1.8 _ ARMax _ USB-Pack.rar (link)
-PS2 Memory card (I used the official 8Mb card)

This guide will assist in the installation of Free McBoot v1.8. If another version is desired one should just swap the one in the archive with the other one (this is more precisely covered in the appropriate part of the guide).

It goes without saying that you are 100% responsible for any damage you do to your equipment while following unofficial tutorials on the Internet. Although damaging anything when following this tutorial seems extremely unlikely.

You probably want to get your hands dirty by now, so here are the instructions step-by-step:
1. Extract the contents of OLLi_s8h – FMCB v1.8 _ ARMax _ USB Pack.rar into the root folder of the USB drive. If you don’t already have a file archiver, I suggest 7-Zip (

The root of the USB-drive should contain:
• MaxSettings
• 00000_180_ActionRepl.max
• codelist.bin

Optional step: Replace INSTALL and FREE_MCBOOT.ELF with a different version.

2. Boot up the Action Replay Max Evo disc in the PS2, without the USB-drive.

3. If prompted with «Internet Connection Detected. Do you wish to check online for updates?», press no.

4. Open Settings (Lower right corner), allow the codelist to load.

5. Turn off «Automatic Update Prompt» then «Save and Exit».

6. Now turn off the PS2 and connect your prepared USB-drive.

7. Boot up the Action Replay Max Evo disc again, this time while the USB-drive is connected to USB-port 1.

8. Open Max Memory.

9. Select My devices, then choose the USB-drive as the primary device.

10. Select «AR MAX Codelist ver. -804409333» and copy to MC1.

11. Press triangle to return to the primary device selection screen.

How To Install Free Mcboot From A Usb Stick

12. Choose the memory card.

13. You should have two entries called «ActionReplayMAX Settings», delete the one which is 66Kb in size (Size of selected files is shown right above the file list).

14. Press triangle to return to the primary device selection screen.

15. Choose the USB-drive.

16. Select «ActionReplayMAX Settings» and uncrush to MC1.

17. Reboot the PS2, still keeping the the disc inside and the USB connected.

18. Choose Expert Mode from the main menu. Allow the codelist to load.

19. On the following screen, choose ARMAX Evo.

How to install free mcboot from a usb stick

20. Make sure «Running», «Payload [0000]», and «Payload [0001]» are all checked.

Install Free Mcboot From Usb Stick

21. Press start on the controller and choose «Start game (3 codes)» from the game launch window.

22. As the Action Replay Max Evo disc is already in, just press X on the next prompt. Action Replay Max will automatically reload the main menu.

23. Now start Max Memory. The codes you just activated will run Free McBoot from the USBdrive upon starting Max Memory. (Don’t worry, you will still be able to use Max Memory after this when running the Action Replay Max Evo disc without the codes activated).

24. You are done. I strongly suggest formatting the memory card, but please keep in mind that this deletes everything on the memory card. Then install Free McBoot from the menu (I chose «multi version install»).