Install Whatsapp Iphone 5 Free

Find out how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone smoothly and safely without losing any data on your new iPhone.

WhatsApp is one of the best and the widely used texting service at a global level. However, the installation of WhatsApp++ for iOS 12 needs a jailbreak in common parlance. So this guide would let you know how to install the application without jailbreaking your iPhone.

Install whatsapp iphone 5 free version

The latest version of WhatsApp++ has more features such as stealth mode, and Limited media messaging, passcode support and custom themes. You can even lock the WhatsApp without touch Id. Hence, it’s more enjoyable to have WhatsApp++ rather than the normal turn off WhatsApp. To download it, you need to follow some of the different steps given below.

WhatsApp Plus for ios and watusi are often compared with each other. People all over the United States have WhatsApp Plus plus version in their mobile phones. However, if you are not a US resident, forget about having WhatsApp Plus plus on your iPhone. Our tutorial would let you know the outstanding features of WhatsApp Plus plus and also the correct method to install it without jailbreaking your phone.


  • 1 Features of WhatsApp++ for iOS

Features of WhatsApp++ for iOS

Hide status: The stealth mode of WhatsApp PLUS PLUS can let you hide your online status according to your personal will. Hence, people who often stalk you online will not remain successful anymore. They will not be able to know whether you are online or not. Also, you can hide your Blue ticks so that the sender doesn’t come to know whether you have read their message or not. With WhatsApp++, you can choose your favorite contacts as you read recipients. Besides everything, you can’t disable the delivered receipt in which the sender would just get a single tick mark on sending a message to you.

Unlimited files: Choosing more than 10 images from a gallery is not possible in case of normal WhatsApp. However, with WhatsApp++ for ios, you can send any number of files in a single go. Sending 100 or 1000 files at once is not a problem at all.

Single tap audio clip: You had to keep holding the microphone button for recording the audio message till now. However, with WhatsApp Plus plus at your disposal, you can just press the audio button once and record your voice text in a hassle-free way.

Touch id protection: Almost everyone has some private conversation that needs complete protection. With WhatsApp Plus plus, you can use touch id passcode to encrypt such discussions.

Customizable: You can customize everything you feel like and the new version of WhatsApp. Right from choosing the background color in the font size and color is not a problem in the hacked version.

Must Check These ++IPA Files:

  • iTransmission for iOS 12, 11.3.1, iOS 11.3/11 & iOS 10+ iPhone/iPad 2018.
  • XModGames iOS App Download.

How to Install WhatsApp++ IPA for iOS Without Jailbreak

Step 1Download WhatsApp++ IPA file for iOS from the internet on your pc/laptop.

Step 2 – After you have Downloaded WhatsApp++ IPA File to your computer, launch Cydia Impactor for installing WhatsApp++ for iOS devices. You cannot directly install WhatsApp plus for iOSs.

Step 3 – After you have finished with the installation of WhatsApp++ for iOS 11, the next step is to run the application to make it work.

Step 4 – Launch the application by visiting the native settings of your iOS device. Navigate yourself to general -> profile -> device management. You will easily find the profile in which the application has been installed. Press up on the trust button for further continuation of the downloading process.

Step 5 – Come back to your home screen and enjoy WhatsApp++ for iOS right away.

Install WhatsApp++ on iPhone/iPad from TweakBox

TweakBox, as you might know, is a third-party App Store that houses a plenitude of tweaked and modified iOS applications. Following are the steps to download and install WhatsApp++ from TweakBox.

  • As a first, please download and install TweakBox on your iPhone/iPad from here.
  • Please trust the profile of TweakBox and launch the application.
  • Navigate to the ‘Tweaked Apps’ section in TweakBox and conduct a search for WhatsApp++. It will come up in the search results.
  • Tap on the search result to go to the application information screen. Here, press ‘Install’ to download and install WhatsApp++ on your iPhone/iPad.
  • On the pop-up that comes up next, press ‘Install’ to continue with the download and installation process.
  • After successful installation, do trust the profile of WhatsApp++ prior to launching the application.

Downloading WhatsApp++ for iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak

Step 1 – Visit setting – Safari – clear browser history on your iPhone device. This is the first step required to encounter any downloading error.

Step 2 – Choose WhatsApp PLUS PLUS and install on your device.

Step 3 – Safari will immediately ask you whether you are sure to install the application or not. Press on install option right away.

Step 4 – The last step is to visit settings – general- profile and enable the trust option.

Application info

  • Application size -67.3 MB
  • Category – social media
  • Develop by – WhatsApp Inc.
  • Last updated – August- 2017
  • Version – 2.17.42


  1. Do I need to pay any money for installation?
  2. No, the downloading is free, and you can enjoy the free WhatsApp service without any payment.
  3. Is it safe to download the application on an iOS device?
  4. Yes the application is entirely safe as long as you follow the process mentioned by us
  5. On what versions is it compatible?
  6. WhatsApp plus for IOS is compatible for iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, 6s plus, iPhone 5S/ 5/ 5 +, 4/ 4S, iPad Mini 3/ 2/ 1 iPad touch and the latest version of iOS.

Install Whatsapp Iphone 5 Free

Best Apps Store: AppValley iOS Apps Store Download for iOS(iPhone/iPad) 2018.

Conclusion: WhatsApp++ iOS 12/11 & iOS 10+ iPhone/iPad

WhatsApp++ for iOS is a freeware with a Cross messaging platform. It is one of the best applications that can be used for texting, making video and voice calls without bearing any Telecom charges. Just a sound internet connection and you are free to exchange unlimited files, audio clips, and documents. In fact, you can even share voice notes just like standard telecom services provide.

The complete data encryption and stealth feature are one of the best ways to avoid creepy people from texting you. After the WhatsApp plus for iOS has been installed, it automatically synchronizes the contacts of your smartphone. Also, the moment you save a new number, your WhatsApp contact list gets automatically updated.

Have you tried installing anti revoke which helps prevent the app getting revoked due to which you might have to delete and reinstall the app?
I would recommend to try it

Download GB Whatsapp for iPhone 2021: It is time to use GBWhatsApp latest version on iOS free. GB Whatsapp update 2021 has published yesterday. Here we provide the official GBWhatsapp new latest version for the iOS download link. You can download this GB Whatsapp last update 2021 for iPhone free.

In this article, we are going to share the GB Whatsapp iOS Technical information, additional features and the Installation process to install this Apk on iOS device. After reading the whole text, you will get complete knowledge about the GB Whatsapp iOS last update. Then you can download this Apk for your iPhone.

GB Whatsapp for iOS

GB Whatsapp is a similar Apk of official Whatsapp for iPhone. After Banned the Whatsapp official Apk, this Whatsapp GB became one of the best chatting messengers Apk for iOS in your country. This app authority has added many new features and made it better than the Whatsapp official app. That’s why it is the most downloads app for ios all over the world.

This Whatsapp GB mod is made by a third-party app developer. They provide the GBWhatsapp for iPhone free to download and use. It has unlimited features in a simple design. It is very small in size and simple in technical facts. that’s why it works very fast with multiple features.

Features of GB Whatsapp for iPhone

There is unlimited features on this GB Whatsapp for iPhone that all are very helpful and effective to use this Whatsapp Gb for iPhone. Though we can’t discuss these features in a short post, we can try to pick up the Key features of this GB Whatsapp Apkpure 2021. Here we pick up the most useful features of this app. You should know about these features. So have a small look at a birds-eye view.

  • It is developed with an updated base.
  • This last update 2021 is an Anti-Ban App for iOS.
  • It allows to hide your online status
  • You can hide the last seen message status from your friends or family member.
  • Extra Security system
  • You can Disable read receipts as if others won’t know when you have seen their message
  • Inbuilt lock security
  • Lock your GB WhatsApp with Touch ID or passcode
  • You can disable the delivery notification so that, others won’t know when you received his message
  • 100 + theme available
  • You can customize the boring look and feel of Whatsapp official Apk
  • Excellent home screen
  • Allows to use full profile picture without cropped
  • You can send 350 MB + file at a single time
  • Allows to send 10 + media file at a time
  • Share video or music with your friends from your iOS device
  • You can share your location with your friends
  • Record audio with a single tap
  • Allows to make a call or chat without saving contacts.

Download GBwhatsapp for iPhone IOS

When it comes to using a free Apk on iOS device there is an issue of viruses or malware. There are several websites provide the GB Whatsapp for iPhone with many viruses and malware. As you know this Malware is very harmful to your iOS device. So you should be careful to download GBWhatsapp Apk for iOS device.

Here we provide the GBWhatsapp new latest version for iOS download link. You can download this GBWhatsapp official Apk for iOS free.

So click the download button and get your GBWhatsapp new latest version 2021.

How to Install GB Whatsapp for iOS

After complete the Gb Whatsapp for iPhone download every one feels worried about the GB Whatsapp pro Install system on iOS device. I think you are also the same case. Nothing to be afraid. It happens to everyone.

Here we provide the complete guidelines to install this app on the iPhone in a simple and easy method. So you can follow the guidelines and complete your GB Whatsapp 2021 Installation.

There are two methods to install this app on the iPhone.

Such as:

  • Install GB Whatsapp from Ignition
  • Install GB Whatsapp with Cydia compactor

How to Install GB Whatsapp for iOS from Ignition

It is an easy method to install Whatsapp GB for iOS devices from the ignition. After reading this GB Whatsapp for the iOS installation process, you will get full knowledge about How to Install GBWhatsapp for iOS from the ignition.

  • At first, run the Ignition app on your iOS device.
  • Then conduct for GB Whatsapp new latest version.
  • Now select your desire Whatsapp GB 2021 for iOS and download it.
  • After complete that, press the Install button on the information screen.
  • Then it will want your confirmation. You need to press the install option again.
  • Now your GB Whatsapp iOS installation will run on, as another App installation.
  • After completing the Installation process launch this app by making the trust option.

How to Install Whatsapp GB for iOS with Cydia Compactor

How Can I Download GBWhatsApp For IOS ?You Can Download GBWhatsApp With Different Ways, And We Have Clearly Explained The One Method Above. We Have Other Alternatives Also Like WhatsApp..

It is another system to install this Whatsapp GB app, that is a very easy process to install this app on an iOS device.

  • Firstly, Download a Cydia Impactor for iOS from here
  • Connect your iPhone with a computer using a USB cable.
  • Now open the Cydia Impactor.
  • Here drag and drop IPA file downloaded in . 1 onto Cydia Impactor
  • This Cydia Impactor will ask for your Apple ID and password, which is verified with Apple and it is used to sign the IPA file.

If you’re not comfortable providing it, then create an alternative Apple ID and use that instead.

  • After complete the Impactor installation,

Which Is Better GBWhatsApp Or WhatsApp ?In Terms Of Interface, Installation And Working Nature, Both The Apps Are Almost Similar. But, In GBWhatsApp, We Can See A Lot Of Additional Featur..

Go to Settings >> General >> Profiles (or “Profiles & Device Management”/”Device Management”). Find the profile with your Apple ID and open it.

  • Tap on the Trust button.
  • At last, Open the app and enjoy it.