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Here are two 'mp3' of Mozart most famous masonic opera: The Magic Flute. You can use them as you wish, they are free of rights
Mozart and his librettist Emmanuel Schikaneder both Masons were inspired by the Masonic ritual in composing their opera. The initiation of Tamino and Pamina in the Temple of Sarastro can be understood with masonic lights only.
The Magic Flute. Overture
In the opening of the introduction tree chords sound three times in E flat major, the masonic works begin..
The Magic Flute. The March of the Priests
This track (beginning of the 2nd act) has been chosen as musical illustration for Freemason Collection.

Full Length Film

'Forces occultes' is an anti-masonic film produced in 1943 during the German occupation. This film is a dud and a Nazi propaganda film with obnoxious scenes. The interest of this film (for a well-informed audience only) is that it shows in detail a pseudo-masonic initiation. We will laugh of the stupidity of this movie, but it is nonetheless a real historical document.
Warning ! 800Mo ! Download may take more than an hour.

Forces Occultes
The film was directed by two former 'Brethren': Jean-Marquès Rivère and Jean Mamy (under the pseudonym Paul Riche). It was commissioned in 1942 by the Propaganda Abteilung, Delegation of the Ministry of Propaganda of the III° Reich in occupied France.
Let's remember what has been too often forgotten: during World War II, thousands of Masons were arrested, 989 were deported and 540 were shot or have never come back from concentration camps.

Video Game

Here is a video game to download (Not too heavy, 20MB). The graphics are a bit basic, but you should have a good fun. You need Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. Game under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License. Thanks to
The Secrets of Freemasonry
The Secrets of Freemasonry is both a learning tool and an entertainment. So you can play on different 'levels' of Freemasonry but also kill from time to time a few monsters ..

A Masonic Cipher Font

A superb TrueType Font. Easy to install on your computer. Two sets of Masonic Ciphers and also sixty masonic symbols ready to use. Square, compass, columns, trowels..

'Just for Fun' Rituals

3 lighthearted Rituals (in english)
I am sure you will love..
The Grand Lodge of Ruffians Ritual, by Pierre Dac
If you speak french, you will fall about laughing..

'Special: Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol

The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Manly Palmer Hall'
The book which inspired Dan Brown..
Quite special but worth to be read to understand the sources of 'The Lost Symbol'
Manly P. Hall is the author of over 75 published works, the best known of which are Initiates of the Flame, The Story of Healing, The Divine Art, Aliens Magick and Sorcery The Secret Teachings of All Ages, and An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy. He was also the author of a masonic curiosity, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry in 1923, more than thirty years before he joined a lodge. The preface of later editions states 'At the time I wrote this slender volume, I had just passed my twenty-first birthday, and my only contact with Freemasonry was through a few books commonly available to the public.' Later, in 1944, he wrote The Secret Destiny of America which popularized the myth of a masonic purpose for the founding of the USA. In 1950 he weighed in again on the meaning of Freemasonry with his booklet: Masonic Orders of Fraternity.
Raised November 22, 1954
Jewel Lodge No. 374
Source: Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon website
Click on the image to download the e-book in PDF


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Masonic Installation Free

Masonic Engraving is a UK Masonic supplier of fine quality crystal presentation Gifts, Masonic gifts, Installation and visitation awards, personalised glass, crystal and pewter gifts.

Due to the current coronavirus situation we are only posting to the UK at the moment.

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