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Locking HDD with GiliSoft File Lock. GiliSoft File Lock is quite easy to lock HDD with the steps below. 1, Download and Install. 1) Download it from 2) Set a password for your account and set an email to retrieve your lost password.

What is BMW AK90+ Key Programmer?

BMW AK90 is a original Key Programmer for most BMW EWS/CAS till 2009. AK90 BMW KEY-PROG increased by 1995-2009 in all BMW EWS read the key information functions; improved some of the EWS to read and write speed. This product safe and effective, is the key to match the best tool for BMW!

BMW AK90+ Software Features:

Language:Only English


O.S:Window XP and Window 7

BMW AK90+ Function List:

1.Read data dumps from MCU

2.Change VIN

3.Change & renew mileage

4.Lock & unlock key

How to Use BMW AK90 key programmer?

Firstly, remove the chip of ECU, ESL of your BMW car, insert it to AK90 diagnostic tool, then it will read the date information of your car.
Secondly, plug the key into ak90 programming keys, which reads the data information of your car key.

Then, the information of your car and your key is matched, then the AK90 key maker will tell what’s next step, so you just following it is ok, step by step, you will get what you want.
When making the new keys, you can insert the ECU and ESL to your car, and insert the key; it can star your car then.


BMW ak90 do not need remove chip when making a new key:
1.when program new key, no need to remove chip, but connect chip socket to EWS and another interface to AK90 host.
2.directly make new key with AK90 key programmer via wiring. power charger, but supply power via USB cable, no need external power; it is supplied with special chip socket.
4.Directly reading data dumps from MCU which marked 1D47J, 2D47J, 0D46J, 2L86D without removing MCU from circuit board, easy to do yourself.
5.with the help of software you can renew, lock or unlock keys as well.
6.Programming original chips “EML 10030A” for making keys.
7.Identifying keys for all EWS and CAS, showing VIN, key No. It support change VIN, but not support do mileage.

Free solar panel install illinios. BMW AK90+ Support Models:

BMW E/F series

BMW AK90+ Software V3.19 Free Download:

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USB devices are extremely cheap, easy-to-use and easy to carry from one place to another. But at the same time they are prone to illegal usage like data theft. To protect the USB ports from being misused USB port lock software comes in handy by locking the ports.


To know more about these software one can search Google using “usb port lock software for windows 8”, “usb port lock software free. download full version”, “usb port lock software, free download for windows 7” or “usb port lock software with crack”.

USB Security

USB Security restricts unauthorized USB devices connected to a computer. It can prevent memory cards and removal storage media devices also. It runs in the background and logs all the attempts made for connecting USB devices. It allows optionally using USB devices by providing password. It works silently and quick to install software.

Port Locker Software

Software Installation Lock free download. software

Port Locker Software obstructs ports like USB, printer, infrared and Bluetooth. It generates alerts when the port is accessed by unauthorized user. It allows scheduling accessing to ports. It allows authorized USB devices using hardware id. It logs all the files that are copied from USB drives. It also provides detailed report about port status.

USB Data Theft Protection

USB Data Theft Protection software helps to block USB port and comes with various settings. It can run in the background secretly in hidden mode. It allows giving USB port full permission or read only permission to access and disabling USB port too. It produces log for details of USB activities.

USB Security Suite

USB Security Suite software enables managing USB ports efficiently. It helps to disable USB port and monitor USB drive activity. It immunizes USB drives from virus and allows password protection to access USB drive. It comes with user-friendly interface and easy-to-use software. It allows scheduling sending activity log through email.

Other USB Port Lock Software for Different Platforms

USB port lock software is available in plenty for different platforms like Windows, Mac Os and Android. One can choose the software based on the platform that they use since they depend entirely on the platform and hence they should be compatible. Below are the details of these software for each platform.

Free USB Port Lock Software for Windows – Nomesoft USB Guard

Nomesoft USB Guard software is especially used for blocking USB devices. It comes with features like enabling or disabling USB device and allows viewing USB device contents alone. It does not use much computer resources and comes with easy to understand interface. It is simple yet provides efficient USB drive protection.

Software Installation Lock Free Download

Free USB Port Lock Software for Mac Os – LOK-IT USB Storage Device Control

This tool helps to USB drives and other drives either on blacklist or on safe list. It allows administrator setting password to access each storage device. It comes with wizard setting screen to give access permissions. It is simple to install and easy-to-use software. It runs in the background and works silently.

Free USB Port Lock Software for Android – USB Lock Lite

Software Installation Lock free. download full

USB Lock Lite secures one’s mobile device by providing password protection for USB port. It also allows scheduling USB port access period and once time is elapsed it will lock the port automatically. It comes with intuitive and spotless user interface. It allows sharing this app via email and Bluetooth.

More Great USB Port Lock Software for Windows, Android and Mac Os

For windows version USB port lock software is “Port Locker”, “USB Port Locker”, “BuduLock” , “USBDeview” and “USB Disabler”. For Mac Os some of the USB port lock software is “USB Network Gate”, “Rohos Logon Key”, “TokenLock” and “USB Lock”. “Perfect AppLock” and “USB Lock Lite” are some of the USB port lock software for android application.

Most Popular USB Port Lock Software for 2016 is USB Lockdown

USB Lockdown enables blocking all ports and devices effectively. It allows defining and imposing device control policy. It monitors all ports activity and provides detailed report about data transfers performed through devices. It gives alerts about unauthorized access to take action. It comes with easy-to-use and easy to understand web interface.

What is USB Port Lock Software?

USB Port Lock Software provides security to company’s data and prevents unauthorized access to important information of the organization. They help to block USB ports and give permission to only authorized users to access the data from a system. They provide complete details of USB data transfers to enable the administrators to monitor the ports.

They work in the background such that people who access the USB ports illegally does not know that their actions are monitored. To know more about their varieties one can search Google using “usb port lock software download”, “usb port lock software with password”, “usb port lock software, free download” or “usb port locker software crack”.

How to Install USB Port Lock Software?


Installing USB port lock software download provides installation instructions document and one can go through this document which contain easy to follow instructions to complete installation process. The document comes with screenshots for each installation step. One should follow user requirements mentioned in the software website before installing the software.

Benefits of USB Port Lock Software

Protecting USB port is important not only for data theft but also to protect from destructive viruses. USB port lock software is easy and quick to deploy which provide complete protection by not allowing unauthorized USB devices being accessed from one’s system. They allow immunizing USB devices from virus also.

For corporate who face data security challenges in the present scenario these software offer solution by giving protection to their ports. They can watch the USB port activities and provide logs to the administrators. They can notify alerts whenever intruders try to access the USB port. These are most useful tool for a corporate from the security point of view.

Software Installation Lock Free Download Windows 7

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